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In what ways is the concept of gender useful in the study of ancient history?

In ancient history sexual orientation was a characterizing highlight of life, we can take note of that it influenced the manner in which society was organized, explicitly in the Athenian ‘polis', just as open occasions, for example, those related with strict cliques. Sexual orientation was likewise powerful in governmental issues, particularly that of the Romans. In addition, it is through sex that we can watch the general antiquated view towards ladies, found all through various abstract sources and archeological remains. Initially, there is a solid connection among sexual orientation and the Athenian ‘polis', which was regularly viewed as ‘male ruled'. 1 From an early age male and female young people were captivated, so guys were taught expertly, with a solid accentuation on finishing sports at the ‘palaestrai' and ‘gymnasia', at that point they were sent away to finish their military assistance. Interestingly, ladies were denied close to essential tutoring. Anyway they were brought into society through strict religions. It is through instruction that the old style Athenians raised an unmistakable division between the genders, so as to set up the adolescents for their jobs in later life-men for initiative in state and military undertakings, ladies for progressively subordinate jobs. For instance, archeological proof proposes that youngsters were prepped for conspicuous situations in the express, that is, pitchers have been discovered that show young men commending the celebration, ‘Anthesterion', ‘the blossom month', by inspecting wine and taking an interest in slithering races. The previous would have been a shortsighted pre-tester for male young people of a ‘symposium', philosophical meetings interlaced with substantial drinking periods, only for male residents. The dramatists Plato and Aristophanes perceived their significance in the ‘polis', as it was for well-off male residents. In Aristophanic comedies he habitually insinuates scenes of intoxication and indecency blended in with time frames conclusions. The last would have arranged the young people for athletic rivalries. Keuls' proposes that it is through these exercises little fellows were ingrained, ‘with the standards of intensity and male benefit'. 2 In correlation, Greek ladies were started into society through strict jobs, explicitly those related with virtuousness, work and accommodation. The clique of Athena was especially significant, in which a robe known as a ‘peplos' was devoted to the goddess that had been particularly woven for the event. It was then introduced to her either by two or four respectable young ladies, known as ‘arrhephoroi', ‘bearers of consecrated articles'. Scenes from this faction can be found on segments of the Parthenon frieze (440BC-432BC), specifying occasions, for example, the collapsing of the ‘peplos' by the ‘Archon Basileus', boss justice, helped by a little youngster. This was a critical issue in light of the fact that the clique of Athena depicted the qualities looked for attractive in each sex. That is, she spoken to the ‘male man centric ethos',3 through a wild war move, the ‘pyrrhic move', which was performed by equipped artists. This features, through the celebration that guys were related with war and had a duty to ensure the ‘polis'. Then again, Athena additionally spoke to the female ethos, by underscoring the need of difficult work and purity through the undertakings of turning and weaving, which were given lofty status', through the custom of the ‘peplos'. Athenian ladies were related with inactive undertakings, delineating their subjection to men inside the ‘polis'. It is likewise critical that strict celebrations organized the female chain of command. We have just noticed that it was just honorable young ladies who could become ‘arrhephoroi', though in different religions, for example, that of Artemis at Brauron, all young ladies could take an interest in the ceremonies. Similarly as the female chain of importance required faction celebrations to separate between the changing classes, the male progression was dictated by society-the ‘polis' and the military. For instance, Xenophon, in the ‘Anabasis', features the significance and impact of the leader of the military, the ‘hegemon', contrasted with less significant situations in the military. That is, the point at which a ‘manteis', an awesome mediator, endeavors to criticize Xenophon-for this situation he is going about as the ‘hegemon'- by proposing that he would have established another city without speaking with his soldiers, Xenophon counters: ‘Silanus offered me his response on the most significant point, specifically, that the presence of the casualty was favorable. He needed to since he knew that I myself, due to continually being available at penances had some involvement with these issues. ‘ 4 This outlines, when all is said in done, that in fighting, penances were attempted or managed by those in instructing positions, for example, the ‘hegemon', in light of the fact that they affected the state. Those in less noteworthy situations in the military had a negligible impact in the running of the state. In this way, featuring the military and state were dynamic impacts in deciding the male chain of importance. Up until this point, we can take note of that instruction and religion celebrations were affected by sexual orientation, delineating the significance of examining it in antiquated history, as it gives us a more full image of old Greek society. Besides, the view of the genders can be believed to shift immeasurably, Xenophon features this in his ‘Oikonomikos', when he discovers that men were worked for war on the grounds that their bodies could suffer work and difficulty, though ladies were made for local work. 5 Another antiquated researcher, Ischomachos, remarks that the idea of people mind additionally contrast, as ladies are viewed as progressively vulnerable to feelings and show an absence of limitation. Physical and mental highlights impacted antiquated Greek researchers into generalizing the genders and along these lines clarifying why every sex looked for changed jobs in the public eye. In thought to the religion of Athena, we can take note of that the investigation of folklore is additionally pertinent to the idea of sexual orientation and its consequences for society. That is, the ‘Panathenaic' parade depended on the fantasy of the birthplace of Ericthonius, who was related with Athens. Hephaistos spilt semen on Athena's lap, which she cleared off with some fleece, however therefore Ericthonius was conceived. The kid was then given to Cecrops' girls, however two of them, Herse and Aglauros, took a gander at the child, in spite of Athena's notice that they ought not. This legend underlines the significance of ladies as youngster bearers and nurturers in the public eye. The pertinence of the fleece can be related with material making, an occupation that was energized in young ladies. In like manner the religion of Artemis showed to ladies the significance of virtue, as the fantasy behind her clique cautions them that wantonness is an unfortunate and inadmissible worth. Artemis rebuffs her fairy, Kallisto, who had been assaulted by Zeus, by changing her into a bear, who is thus pursued and murdered by her own child. The Greeks utilized the legends as good ideal models, cautioning ladies against unsuitable conduct in the ‘polis'. Besides, Artemis was additionally worried about labor, as garments were devoted to her at Brauron. Keuls' remarks that this religion, ‘may have been the best method of ingraining in females the ethos that male society expected of them. ‘ 6 In correlation, if the faction of Artemis and Athena depicted perfect female excellencies that were friendly for their job in the ‘polis', at that point the religion of Theseus spoke to perfect ideals for the Athenian male resident. He was the prototype male legend, as he spared Athens and butchered the Minotaur. In a social setting, he had secured the ‘polis' and by activist methods had executed a remote being that undermined the prosperity of the state-activities that were anticipated from every male Athenian. Burial services were likewise a critical occasion inside the ‘polis' and the idea of sexual orientation enormously affected its association. Ladies assumed a crucial job in the ‘prothesis', the parade going before the genuine memorial service, when the body was put on a casket and was encircled by grievers. It was the job of the ladies to regret the more extreme they appeared, the more respected the dead showed up. Right off the bat, regarding outcry, we can take note of that ladies assumed an essential job in this parade, as they permitted men to keep up a grim appearance. This permitted the guys to secure their manly front, as they could abstain structure ostensibly communicating their sadness. We have just watched, from antiquated researchers, for example, Xenophon, that solitary certain attributes were regarded satisfactory for men. Plaques and memorial service containers show the various jobs performed during the ‘prothesis' by people. For instance, a memorial service pot of the late geometric period delineates men in parades of outfitted warriors or riding a horse. 7 It is striking that they stay untearful, when contrasted with the various puppets of ladies in terrible positions. The men respect the dead by featuring the renown of biting the dust while in fight. Two beliefs of grieving were set up to secure the social structure-ladies mourn because of their absence of limitation of their feelings, accentuating their delicate characters, esteeming them unfit for initiative. While, men hold their nobility through their restriction and their uninvolved job in the ‘prothesis'. Moreover, burial services permitted refined families to introduce their position and force in the public arena. Thusly, the grievance was an impression of the family's status. Hans Van Wees expresses that, ‘tears were an indication of regard to the dead†¦ ears of ladies had an impact in the force battle of men. ‘ 8 This outlines ladies had a noteworthy job in the general public of men, yet one that was controlled to profit the running of the state. Besides, the feelings of the ladies turned out to be so serious, as they carried on as a me

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LEAN MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

LEAN MANAGEMENT - Essay Example Significant organizations utilize client contact focus ideas since these arrangements give organizations adaptable and solid framework to collaborate with their clients and adequately oversee progressing ventures (Schultz 2003). In view of these criticisms, enhancements in items and business techniques, advancement of new items, increment in consumer loyalty and unwaveringness, and investigation of new markets is tried to devise quick reaction to worldwide serious markets. In the ongoing past, number of organizations has put impressively in overseeing and keeping in touch focus to get an upper hand by examining client experience and friends execution; in any case, because of late monetary downturn organizations are thinking that its hard to deal with the contact habitats because of expanded working costs. As lean standard has viably been applied in assembling division, likewise this idea is similarly well appropriate to support industry. In doing as such, Hines et al. (2004) forewarned that associations may miss vital part of significant worth creation while concentrating only on cost decrease and lean apparatuses while applying lean standards. To diminish the working expenses related with contact focuses, lean administration approach would help in making a more prominent worth interest while lessening the disappointment request (Marr and Parry 2004). IT organizations perceive that clients shelter bolster organizations offering better types of assistance inside a given value go. In this report, organization understood that its serious situation in the market is did not make sure about anymore. In this manner, a move to lean administration was endeavored to decrease squanders and expenses and increment income. This report is an endeavor to examine importance of receiving and applying lean administration ideas to Contact Center Industry utilizing scholastic thoroughness while concentrating on Averatec Contact Center and how it can adequately be applied to accomplish zero imperfections with expanded consumer loyalty. Averatec, built up in 1984, is a

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Child labor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Youngster work - Essay Example Numerous youngsters alongside their folks endured hazardous wounds †punctured eyeballs, scarred legs and missing appendages †from the sharp cutting edges and machines in the field. (Buckley para. 1, 2 A few youngster workers experience brutal everyday environments. They are bolted, once in a while tied, in jam-packed spaces for extended periods of time like detainees. Many create sicknesses and infections like silicosis and tuberculosis. Some are abducted and later offered to substance brokers as slaves. Businesses now and again misuse the youngsters by beating them, marking them with hot irons like animals, torment them, or deny them of nourishment. In most pessimistic scenarios, they get executed while at work. (Kalmes para. 6 Most likely the significant reason for youngster work in a few, if not all, of the nations is neediness and underdevelopment. Youngster work makes it a need for financial progression. Another issue is the distinctions in culture. For instance, some Hindi social orders have a characteristic division of work called ranks, and on the grounds that youngsters are better at errands that need next to zero understanding, they are denied of tutoring and are made to work. Moreover, ending kid work doesn't guarantee a superior life for the kid. These kids, and their families, work to live. This condition may push them to enter perilous employments. (Kalmes para. 3 One of the reasons for kid work might be according to the worldwide market. Underdeveloped nations like to utilize kid work to accommodate their economies. Due to globalization and the developing financial condition around the world, the interest for trades in the creating nations expanded. To give a sufficient flexibly to that request, nonetheless, these nations have picked to discover modest work to cut creation expenses, and this

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Essay Samples - Why These Exercises Can Be of Enormous Benefit

Essay Samples - Why These Exercises Can Be of Enormous BenefitCritical essay samples have proved invaluable in helping to provide teachers and students with writing exercises. While there is no denying the fact that these exercises will be utilized, they can also be used to improve the student's writing skills. In this article I would like to discuss the reason that this style of exercise can be of immense benefit. There are a number of reasons for this which I will discuss in this article.In most writing classes, a lot of time is spent discussing the structure of the essay. By discussing these aspects of the essay, the teacher's assistant generally comes across as an authority figure. By coming across as an authority figure, students usually defer to them. While this is good for the teacher or the professor, it is not necessarily good for the student as it is not as easy to discern when the student is being told the truth or simply trying to get a passing grade.The reason why studen ts defer to the teacher in the writing class is quite obvious, if the student does not produce good grades in the class, the teacher will lose his or her job. This then means that if the student has a problem, he or she will not do anything to rectify the problem as this will lead to their ouster from the class. For students, there is often very little benefit in correcting the problems of the instructor. Although they may feel that they are not being heard and that their opinion is not being taken into consideration, in the end, the students will have a very difficult time blaming themselves if they have failed to grasp the concept of critical essay samples.One very effective way to test students' ability to work with ideas in a critical essay sample is by forcing them to articulate their opinions. This is the same principle as in the writing class, but in the case of these exercises there is no one to blame. This makes the students see that there is no one to blame. In this way, s tudents start to realize that thereis no need to try to avoid criticism.If the students see that they are given a particular objective in the writing exercise, they start to see that it is not all that difficult to figure out the approach in these exercises. This fact is quite important when the students do not feel that they are being forced to look at the perspective of the essay's writer. This is because in most writing exercises the writer tends to present his or her point of view in the middle of the essay.This article briefly discusses a few examples of what an essay can look like if one had written it. The primary purpose of the essay is to show the way in which the author and his or her ideas are applicable to a particular situation. In some of the samples of critical essay samples, the essay simply contains general statements such as, 'You may be able to influence a person by simply introducing them to a certain word or thought'. In other samples of these essays, there is t he essential statement, 'The effectiveness of an idea depends on the person who receives it'. In the latter sample of this essay, the writer suggests that there are certain conditions that make an idea fit for a particular person.This article has briefly touched on a few of the ways in which essay samples can improve the writing skills of students. These exercises are valuable, but students should also realize that they should not use them as a replacement for good old fashioned lectures and discussions. In most writing classes, the teacher's assistant, while appearing as an authority figure, will be forced to write an essay. The students are given the opportunity to critique the essay in order to improve it and the teacher's assistant may even leave the classroom to let the students critique the work.

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Hybodus - Facts and Figures

Name: Hybodus (Greek for humped tooth); pronounced HIGH-bo-dussHabitat: Oceans worldwideHistorical Period: Late Permian-Early Cretaceous (260-75 million years ago)Size and Weight: About six feet long and 100-200 poundsDiet: Small marine animalsDistinguishing Characteristics: Moderate size; tough cartilage; mouth near end of snout About Hybodus Most creatures of the Mesozoic Era held the limelight for 10 or 20 million years before going extinct, which is why its astonishing that various species of the prehistoric shark Hybodus persisted for close to 200 million years, all the way from the late Permian through the late Cretaceous periods. This small- to medium-sized shark possessed a couple of odd characteristics that may help to explain its success: for example, it had two types of teeth, sharp ones for ripping into fish or whales and flat ones for grinding mollusks, as well as a sharp blade jutting out from its dorsal fin, which helped to keep larger predators at bay. Hybodus was also sexually differentiated; males were equipped with claspers that helped them to hold on to females during the act of mating. Most tellingly, though, Hybodus seems to have been more solidly built than other prehistoric sharks. Part of the reason why so many fossils of this genus have been discovered, around the world, is that the cartilage of Hybodus was relatively tough and calcified--almost, but not quite, like solid bone--which may have given it a valuable edge in the struggle for undersea survival. The persistence of Hybodus in the fossil record has made it a popular go-to shark in nature shows; for example, a Hybodus is shown preying on an Ophthalmosaurus on an episode of Walking with Dinosaurs, and a later episode of Sea Monsters depicts it digging into the giant prehistoric fish Leedsichthys.

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Relationship Between Macro Environment And The Demand For...

BUSS 5001 Case Analysis 1 Introduction This article basically discusses the relationship between macro-environment and the demand for dairy product. It will be presented by clarifying the following four questions. Q1: Describe the relationship between the performance of the macroeconomic environment and the demand for dairy products. To begin with, the demand for dairy products are influenced by several factors, for example, the price, price of substitutes, income and demographic effects (Heien and Wessells 1988). Excluding the population factors, the other factors could be affected by macroeconomics. According to Erten and Ocampo (2012), the commodity prices are related to the situation of the macroeconomic. Also, the income†¦show more content†¦Take China as an example, the high economic growth, coupled with the urbanization process results in the demand of food, including dairy product grows strongly (Gandhi and Zhou 2014). Higher demands pull up the price. Gradually, when the macroeconomic is slowing down, correspondingly the demand of dairy products will decrease. Therefore, the link between the performance of the macroeconomic environment and the demand for dairy products is cyclical. Q2: Describe the performance of key economic indicators in the Chinese macroeconomic environment over the last 3 years. The economic growth slowed down in the past 3 years. The GDP growth decreased from 7.76% in 2013 to 6.9% in 2015. At the same time, as a big contributor to the total GDP, the proportion of the second industry decrease, while the tertiary industry replaced the first place and accounted for 50.5% (National Bureau of Statistics of China 2015), indicating that China is trying to change its economic structure. Besides, the CPI figure shows a steady decrease, while the disposal income gradually rises. In brief, the performance of the economic indicators shows that the economy of China is slowing down. Q3: what will likely be the Chinese economic policy response (fiscal and/or monetary policy) and how do you expect this will affect the short term outlook for the Chinese economy and the demand for dairy products? Given the recent economic performance, China may pursue a proactive fiscal policy in order to

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Just-In-Time Production Essay Just-in-time production is considered to be on the leading edge of technological advancement. With improvements in the virtually every industry, maintaining an effective production line while minimizing inventory costs is a very feasible option. Just-in-time systems are designed to keep inventory costs at a minimum, unlike the ways of old, with large warehouses loaded with back inventory. With technology allowing instantaneous communication around the world, production lines and stores do not have to wait for days for inventory delivery. It can happen, well, just-in-time. Many companies are on the verge of switching to a just-in-time inventory system, to compliment the millions of companies that have already implemented the system. It is generally recognized that effective implementation of just-in-time will result in a significant reduction of inventories. As a matter of fact, inventory levels are key indicators for measuring just-in-time performance (Harrison). 1. What is the entire one-year cost of keeping the constituents stock list under the present system? Under the present system the entire cost to keep the constituent per twelvemonth is $ 1. 292824. 00 2. What would be the entire one-year cost of keeping the constituents under the JIT system ( Assuming no safety stocks ) ? The one-year cost of keeping the constituents under the JIT system would be 3. Should Ballenger take into history any other cost or benefits from JIT system? if so what are they? With the JIT system Ballenger would be less concern about keeping a big stock list and they would less likely to see shrinking. The just-in-time system will besides guarantee that parts are available to fabricate merchandises and will better function clients more efficaciously and expeditiously. 4. If the JIT system is adopted are at that place safety sticks of any point that should be maintained? If so which 1s and how much If JIT system is adopted DVD participants should be placed under capacity safety because they seem to be rather expensive. 5. If JIT system is adopted. what changes if any should happen in the relationships between Ballenger’s house and his providers of constituents? Discuss They would necessitate to be more watchful keen and subject in footings of bringing therefore the house and the provider would hold to keep good communicating accomplishments to avoid any defects. 6. Assume that Ballenger has switched to the JIT system and that he receives a surprise phone call from a rival who is traveling out of concern. The rival wants to sell Ballenger 7. 000 dome visible radiations of the type listed in Exhibit 2-A. Should Ballenger purchase them? If so. at what monetary value? I don’t think that Ballenger should buy these visible radiations because harmonizing to the JIT system one of its purpose is to transfuse subject and this therefore will destroy such vision non merely that but Ballenger would besides hold to see storage for these light bulbs. 7. Transporting cost are 20 per centum. Is at that place a degree of transporting cost at which both Ballenger’s nowadays system and a JIT system have similar cost what is that? There won’t be a degree when the two systems have the same cost but if so it would be at a highly high rate possible transcending 100 per centum.