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Essay Samples - Why These Exercises Can Be of Enormous Benefit

Essay Samples - Why These Exercises Can Be of Enormous BenefitCritical essay samples have proved invaluable in helping to provide teachers and students with writing exercises. While there is no denying the fact that these exercises will be utilized, they can also be used to improve the student's writing skills. In this article I would like to discuss the reason that this style of exercise can be of immense benefit. There are a number of reasons for this which I will discuss in this article.In most writing classes, a lot of time is spent discussing the structure of the essay. By discussing these aspects of the essay, the teacher's assistant generally comes across as an authority figure. By coming across as an authority figure, students usually defer to them. While this is good for the teacher or the professor, it is not necessarily good for the student as it is not as easy to discern when the student is being told the truth or simply trying to get a passing grade.The reason why studen ts defer to the teacher in the writing class is quite obvious, if the student does not produce good grades in the class, the teacher will lose his or her job. This then means that if the student has a problem, he or she will not do anything to rectify the problem as this will lead to their ouster from the class. For students, there is often very little benefit in correcting the problems of the instructor. Although they may feel that they are not being heard and that their opinion is not being taken into consideration, in the end, the students will have a very difficult time blaming themselves if they have failed to grasp the concept of critical essay samples.One very effective way to test students' ability to work with ideas in a critical essay sample is by forcing them to articulate their opinions. This is the same principle as in the writing class, but in the case of these exercises there is no one to blame. This makes the students see that there is no one to blame. In this way, s tudents start to realize that thereis no need to try to avoid criticism.If the students see that they are given a particular objective in the writing exercise, they start to see that it is not all that difficult to figure out the approach in these exercises. This fact is quite important when the students do not feel that they are being forced to look at the perspective of the essay's writer. This is because in most writing exercises the writer tends to present his or her point of view in the middle of the essay.This article briefly discusses a few examples of what an essay can look like if one had written it. The primary purpose of the essay is to show the way in which the author and his or her ideas are applicable to a particular situation. In some of the samples of critical essay samples, the essay simply contains general statements such as, 'You may be able to influence a person by simply introducing them to a certain word or thought'. In other samples of these essays, there is t he essential statement, 'The effectiveness of an idea depends on the person who receives it'. In the latter sample of this essay, the writer suggests that there are certain conditions that make an idea fit for a particular person.This article has briefly touched on a few of the ways in which essay samples can improve the writing skills of students. These exercises are valuable, but students should also realize that they should not use them as a replacement for good old fashioned lectures and discussions. In most writing classes, the teacher's assistant, while appearing as an authority figure, will be forced to write an essay. The students are given the opportunity to critique the essay in order to improve it and the teacher's assistant may even leave the classroom to let the students critique the work.

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Hybodus - Facts and Figures

Name: Hybodus (Greek for humped tooth); pronounced HIGH-bo-dussHabitat: Oceans worldwideHistorical Period: Late Permian-Early Cretaceous (260-75 million years ago)Size and Weight: About six feet long and 100-200 poundsDiet: Small marine animalsDistinguishing Characteristics: Moderate size; tough cartilage; mouth near end of snout About Hybodus Most creatures of the Mesozoic Era held the limelight for 10 or 20 million years before going extinct, which is why its astonishing that various species of the prehistoric shark Hybodus persisted for close to 200 million years, all the way from the late Permian through the late Cretaceous periods. This small- to medium-sized shark possessed a couple of odd characteristics that may help to explain its success: for example, it had two types of teeth, sharp ones for ripping into fish or whales and flat ones for grinding mollusks, as well as a sharp blade jutting out from its dorsal fin, which helped to keep larger predators at bay. Hybodus was also sexually differentiated; males were equipped with claspers that helped them to hold on to females during the act of mating. Most tellingly, though, Hybodus seems to have been more solidly built than other prehistoric sharks. Part of the reason why so many fossils of this genus have been discovered, around the world, is that the cartilage of Hybodus was relatively tough and calcified--almost, but not quite, like solid bone--which may have given it a valuable edge in the struggle for undersea survival. The persistence of Hybodus in the fossil record has made it a popular go-to shark in nature shows; for example, a Hybodus is shown preying on an Ophthalmosaurus on an episode of Walking with Dinosaurs, and a later episode of Sea Monsters depicts it digging into the giant prehistoric fish Leedsichthys.

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Relationship Between Macro Environment And The Demand For...

BUSS 5001 Case Analysis 1 Introduction This article basically discusses the relationship between macro-environment and the demand for dairy product. It will be presented by clarifying the following four questions. Q1: Describe the relationship between the performance of the macroeconomic environment and the demand for dairy products. To begin with, the demand for dairy products are influenced by several factors, for example, the price, price of substitutes, income and demographic effects (Heien and Wessells 1988). Excluding the population factors, the other factors could be affected by macroeconomics. According to Erten and Ocampo (2012), the commodity prices are related to the situation of the macroeconomic. Also, the income†¦show more content†¦Take China as an example, the high economic growth, coupled with the urbanization process results in the demand of food, including dairy product grows strongly (Gandhi and Zhou 2014). Higher demands pull up the price. Gradually, when the macroeconomic is slowing down, correspondingly the demand of dairy products will decrease. Therefore, the link between the performance of the macroeconomic environment and the demand for dairy products is cyclical. Q2: Describe the performance of key economic indicators in the Chinese macroeconomic environment over the last 3 years. The economic growth slowed down in the past 3 years. The GDP growth decreased from 7.76% in 2013 to 6.9% in 2015. At the same time, as a big contributor to the total GDP, the proportion of the second industry decrease, while the tertiary industry replaced the first place and accounted for 50.5% (National Bureau of Statistics of China 2015), indicating that China is trying to change its economic structure. Besides, the CPI figure shows a steady decrease, while the disposal income gradually rises. In brief, the performance of the economic indicators shows that the economy of China is slowing down. Q3: what will likely be the Chinese economic policy response (fiscal and/or monetary policy) and how do you expect this will affect the short term outlook for the Chinese economy and the demand for dairy products? Given the recent economic performance, China may pursue a proactive fiscal policy in order to

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Just-In-Time Production Essay Just-in-time production is considered to be on the leading edge of technological advancement. With improvements in the virtually every industry, maintaining an effective production line while minimizing inventory costs is a very feasible option. Just-in-time systems are designed to keep inventory costs at a minimum, unlike the ways of old, with large warehouses loaded with back inventory. With technology allowing instantaneous communication around the world, production lines and stores do not have to wait for days for inventory delivery. It can happen, well, just-in-time. Many companies are on the verge of switching to a just-in-time inventory system, to compliment the millions of companies that have already implemented the system. It is generally recognized that effective implementation of just-in-time will result in a significant reduction of inventories. As a matter of fact, inventory levels are key indicators for measuring just-in-time performance (Harrison). 1. What is the entire one-year cost of keeping the constituents stock list under the present system? Under the present system the entire cost to keep the constituent per twelvemonth is $ 1. 292824. 00 2. What would be the entire one-year cost of keeping the constituents under the JIT system ( Assuming no safety stocks ) ? The one-year cost of keeping the constituents under the JIT system would be 3. Should Ballenger take into history any other cost or benefits from JIT system? if so what are they? With the JIT system Ballenger would be less concern about keeping a big stock list and they would less likely to see shrinking. The just-in-time system will besides guarantee that parts are available to fabricate merchandises and will better function clients more efficaciously and expeditiously. 4. If the JIT system is adopted are at that place safety sticks of any point that should be maintained? If so which 1s and how much If JIT system is adopted DVD participants should be placed under capacity safety because they seem to be rather expensive. 5. If JIT system is adopted. what changes if any should happen in the relationships between Ballenger’s house and his providers of constituents? Discuss They would necessitate to be more watchful keen and subject in footings of bringing therefore the house and the provider would hold to keep good communicating accomplishments to avoid any defects. 6. Assume that Ballenger has switched to the JIT system and that he receives a surprise phone call from a rival who is traveling out of concern. The rival wants to sell Ballenger 7. 000 dome visible radiations of the type listed in Exhibit 2-A. Should Ballenger purchase them? If so. at what monetary value? I don’t think that Ballenger should buy these visible radiations because harmonizing to the JIT system one of its purpose is to transfuse subject and this therefore will destroy such vision non merely that but Ballenger would besides hold to see storage for these light bulbs. 7. Transporting cost are 20 per centum. Is at that place a degree of transporting cost at which both Ballenger’s nowadays system and a JIT system have similar cost what is that? There won’t be a degree when the two systems have the same cost but if so it would be at a highly high rate possible transcending 100 per centum.

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Yugoslavia Essays - Southeastern Europe, Ethnic Groups In Croatia

Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Recently, there has been much fighting in the former country of Yugoslavia, involving all ethnicities and religious groups and without making a difference between military or civilians. Diplomats have been hard at work to attempt to resolve the differences that led to conflict and bloodshed, but it has proven to be a very difficult thing to do with extremely limited success. To understand the situation, it has to be realized that a big part of the problem lies in the geography of the region and its demography. These factors have contributed to conflicts in the past and do so now. Yugoslavia covers mountainous territory. The backbone of the region is made up of the Balkans, a mountain range that runs north-south. Continental plate movement from the south has created an intricate landscape of plains, valleys and mountains. This led to intensive compartmentalization of the region. As a result, there were few low-level routes and those that existed became very important strategically. Most notable are the Varda-Morava corridor, which connected the Aegean Sea and the Danube, and the Iron Gates of the Danube, linking Central Europe and the Black Sea, that controlled much of the trade between the Mediterranean and Central Europe since ancient times. Most of the populations have lived separated from each other geographically and culturally, developing very strong national and tribal allegiances. This region is a frontier between Eastern and Western European civilizations and has also been influnced by Islam during the Turkish invasion. The roots of the conflict in the Balkans go back hundreds of years. Farther than recent events in the region indicate. Dating back to Roman times, this area was part of the Roman Empire. It was here that the divide between Eastern and Western Roman Empires was made when it split under the Roman emperor Diocletian in A.D. 293. Along with the split, the religions divided also into Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. This line still divides Catholic Croatians and Hungarians and Orthodox Montengrins, Serbs, and Romanians. The Romans left behind them excellent roads, cities that are still important political or economic centers, like Belgrade, Cluj, or Ljubljana, and the Latin language, which is preserved in Romanian. The period of Turkish dominance during the middle ages left a much diffferent imprint on the region. An alien religion, Islam, was introduced, adding to already volatile mixture of geography, politics, religion, and nationalism. The administration of the Ottoman Empire was very different from that of the Romans. The Turks did not encourage economic development of areas like Albania, Montenegro and Romania that promised little in producing riches. They didn't invest in building roads or creating an infrastructure. Greeks controlled most of the commerce and Sephadic Jews, expelled from Spain, had influence as well. The diversity of Yugoslavia can best be captured in this capsule recitation: "One state, two alphabets, three religions, four official languages, five nations, six republics, seven hostile neighbors, and eight separate countries." This had more than a little truth. Yugoslavia employed Latin and Cyrillic alphabets; it was home to Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Muslims; it's Slavic groups spoke Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and Macedonian; they identified themselves as Serbs, Montenegrins, Croats, Slovenes, and Macedonians; each had its own republic, with an additional Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a mixed population of Serbs, Croats, and Serbo-Croatian-speaking Muslims; Yugoslavia was bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Albania, all of whom harbored some grievances against it; and the "autonomous regions" of Hungarian Vojvodina and Albanian Kosovo within Serbia functioned until 1990 in an independent manner comparable to that of the six formal republics. This indeed was a diverse state. Yugoslavia had been "a geographic impossibility, tied together by railroads, highways, and a Serbian-dominated army." (Poulsen, 118-9) This country is a patchwork of complicated, interconnected ethnic and religious entities that intertwined so densely that it is probably impossible to separate them and make everybody happy. It was a witness to two bloody Balkan wars that took place in 1912 and that contributed to the outbreak of World War I. The conflict seems intrinsic to the region, with painful fragmentation after the fall of the Hapsburg empire and further discord during and after World War II. In fact, there was hardly any time when there was little or no conflict. The events that started the most recent escalation of conflict took place in 1991. The first republic to express anti-Serbian sentiments was Slovenia. They felt that although they and Croats had prospered the most in Communist Yugoslavia, they were lagging behind Austria, Italy, and even Hungary. They saw the transfer of their profits to the southern republics as

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Merchant of Venice Critical Essay

Merchant of Venice Critical Essay Merchant of Venice Critical Essay Merchant of Venice Critical Essay Merchant of Venice is of the most popular plays written by Shakespeare. Undoubtedly, every literature teacher includes this play into the syllabus. Below is a short sample Merchant of Venice critical essay written by our writer. This sample essay is a good example of professional writing. Our essay blog has numerous free sample essays on plays by Shakespeare. One of the main disadvantages of the free samples is lack of originality and unrestricted access. If you want to get an original critical essay on Merchant of Venice written from scratch specially for you, you have found the right site to get help - writers will not let you down! We can handle all types of assignments and we are never late with paper delivery. Merchant of Venice Critical Essay Sample One of the most persistent and pernicious factors in confusing the interpretation of The Merchant of Venice is the common assumption that the play is built around a race theme. This assumption has thrust the racial problem into the foreground of the play. It has implied that the very introduction of Shylock inevitably necessitated a choice of sides in a lively and pressing social controversy. And from it has sprung the interminable discussion of Shakespeare's alleged sympathy or antipathy for the Jew. That Shakespeare intended, or could have intended, a deliberate defense of the Jew has been effectively controverted in E. E. Stoll's exhaustive study of Shylock. Therein he has established beyond reasonable doubt the existence in England of a common tradition of antisemitic prejudice, and has adduced abundant evidence-of its persistence throughout the Renaissance. This prejudice clearly conceived of the Jew as an object of distrust, dislike, and contempt. To assume that Shakespeare departed radically from the common convictions of his time is to deny the known facts about the man. To assume that he ignored the sentiments of his audience to champion a disreputable cause is to impugn his intelligence as a practical playwright, to set at defiance all probability, to commit a critical anachronism, and, finally, to contradict the patent evidence of the play itself. Unfortunately, in his laudable work of demolition Professor Stoll has gone to the opposite extreme of assuming the prevalence in Shakespeare's time of a rampant and energetic antisemitism. Unless I misinterpret him, he would have one believe that the average Elizabethan nursed an active grudge against the Jew which found congenial expression in the popular sport of Jew-baiting. Accordingly the contemporary dramatist could count upon the insulting of a Jew to prompt a round of spontaneous applause, and the protracted humiliation of a Jew to provide the Elizabethan equivalent of a Roman holiday. In consequence of this assumption Professor Stoll interprets Shylock as a comic figure and finds much of his conduct somewhat amazingly ludicrous. The hypothesis of the persecuted Jew has found favor with most of the Jewish writers upon Shakespeare. It has served as a text for miscellaneous lamentation over Elizabethan injustice and the particular damage to the race wrought by Shakespeare's play. Unfortunately no very conclusive evidence has come forth to support the hypothesis. Evidence there is that Jews were persecuted in England prior to their banishment in 1290; that the Middle Ages were hostile to Jews; that enmity toward the Jew persisted in European countries throughout the Renaissance; and that agitation arose in England during the decade preceding the readmission of the Jews in 1653. Merchant of Venice Critical Essay Custom Writing Looking for custom written essay? Want to get truly professional essay help? Get it here! Our writers are working hard writing a critical essay! We offer essay writing from scratch as well as editing services. Our writing services are affordable.

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Analytical Framework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analytical Framework - Essay Example The third component of analytical framework is the social assessment matrix model. Every component of the social assessment system is vital in identifying various aspects of articles. Posner develops an article that discusses the current issue within the US of treating financial consumers as consenting adults. Identifying whether Posner’s article meets the criteria of establishing social problems as well as solving them is only attainable through assessing the article using the various steps in social assessment process. The following is a step by step analysis of Posner’s article. Step-by-step analysis of Posner’s Article 1. Identification of the key social issues of interest to the business While conducting an article social assessment the first step is to identify some of the key social issues directly linked to the business, which the author has listed. In this step, all issues that affect operations of business are included while those that are too large or systematic for the business to cause a meaningful influence are excluded. Posner identifies varies social issues that directly affects operations of business. The first issue identified by Posner is consumer behavior. Consumer behavior is a vital concept in understanding how consumers purchase or consumer certain commodities. Posner’s identification of consumer behavior is based on financial products. ... Authenticity of articles is measured from the various sources of information that a researcher applied in compiling the information. Posner, in his attempt to develop an authentic, valid, and reliable article obtains data and information from different sources. For instance, Posner uses the Treasury Department as one of the source of information in developing the article. According to the author, Treasury Department’s assertion that there should be application of actual data about how people make financial decisions to develop oversight consumer finance is a vital source of information that helps in developing an authentic article. In addition, Posner uses utterances and assertions from, prominent persons such as Elizabeth Warren, Richard Thaler, and Robert Shiller. Other sources include previously done articles such as the Journal of Economic Perspective and National Bureau of Economic Research Paper. 3. Preliminary Classification and Prioritization of Issues This step requir es reducing the number of issues to manageable size. After identifying consumer behavior in respect to purchasing financial products as well as savings, Posner narrows down the discussion to consumers’ behavior towards purchasing financial products. Narrowing down to this social issue provides ample time and space to provide a critical evaluation of the same. 4. Measuring Current Performance Relative to Key Social Issues In attempts to solve problems or social issues identified, it is of significance when the researcher measures the current performance relative to the key social issues. While employing direct method of measurements, Posner identifies the fact that currently there has been poor consumption of financial product due to insufficient